May 9, 2016 - September 23,, 2019

Boats, Trains, Trucks, Tuk Tuk, Ferries, Bla bla car, couchsurfing, Airbnb, hostels, hotels, friends, Planes- 1x, Tubes & Buses & Barge & bikes & taxis +++

& most of all, my own 2 legs

In a nutshell...

By Sea


Atraxia left Ft. Lauderdale, FL on May 9, 2016. Sailing thru the Bahamas ---->>>> Turks & Caicos ----->>> Bermuda ------>>> Azores ----->>> Arriving in Oeiras, Portugal August 5, 2016

By Land

Depart Atraxia on foot to train bound for BOOM Festival in Idanha-A-Nova, Portugal  August 11, 2016- Friday August 19, 2016 working at Grindhouse Coffee Cabaret

Friday August 19th, I drove a refrigerated truck back to Lisboa, Portugal. With the kindness of strangers was driven to the train station into central Lisboa, where I found a hostel, Cozy Concepts for 3 nights- I slept & explored by tuk tuk, the city.

Monday August 22, 2016 took the train from Lisboa to Faro to Portimao, Portugal arriving at night & picked up by Atraxia dingy for a 3 night stay back on the boat

Thursday August 25, 2016 I departed Portimao, Portugal by bus & arrived in Sevilla, Spain in the evening. Staying at a lovely Airbnb in the center of town till Sun August 28, 2016

Sunday August 28, 2016 I departed Sevilla, Spain with a lovely driver from Bla bla ride share en route to Algecira, Spain finding a hotel near the ferry to Morocco

Monday August 29, 2016 Day trip to Morocco by Ferry. WOW.

Tuesday August 30, 2016 bus from Algeciras to Mijas for first couchsurfing experience. Relief in the mountains from the heat for 4 nights + visiting an old friend from the states on holiday from their new home in Amsterdam.

Saturday, September 3, 2016 bus & train to Malaga airport. Flight to Stockholm delayed and arriving in Stockholm at 3 am on a Saturday night. Picked up after another bus & Tube, by the Captain of Atraxia, sleeping on Sentosa, their live aboard  barge on the waterway in Stockholm. Picked up Monday September 5th, by a friend I haven't seen in 8 years and welcomed into her home for 2 weeks. 

Saturday September 17, 2016 departed Stockholm, Sweden on the midnight bus to Hamburg, Germany. Arriving at 1400 on Sunday September 18, 2016. Located Generator Hostel & stayed for 2 nights. Visiting with a friend from Moab's parents I hadn't seen in several years.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 bought a last minute bus fare for 7.90 Euros to Berlin, Germany from Hamburg. A new friend in Stockholm found me a free place to stay. 

Departed Berlin, Germany  Saturday, September 24th, by train enroute to London, UK. Transferred to a bus in Dusseldorf, Germany, travelling thru Antwerp, Belgium to Calais, France, also known as, "The Jungle". Here is where we met with the UK Border Patrol at 0330 am Sunday, September 25, 2016

Detained & refused passage to UK after 8 hours

Left to find my own way, I walked from the "Control Zone" to Calais & bought the first ticket South. Train to Paris, Tube across Paris to another Train- 1st Class to Bordeaux

33 hours of travel from Berlin, Germany to Bordeaux, France, arriving there Sunday evening 25/09/2016

I stayed 2 nights in Bordeaux, France F1 Hotel to rest & write this story: . After checking out by 1400 on Tuesday 27/09 I had till Wednesday at 0200 the 28th to explore Bordeaux.

I travelled by bus from Bordeaux, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, the Way of the El Camino, arriving at 1700 Wednesday 28/09/2016 at Meiga Backpackers Hostel where I stayed until Saturday, October 1, 2016

The story here of how I came to be sitting on a boat in the Mediterranean bound for the Caribbean in one month

I travelled by bus, overnight again to Sevilla, Spain. Departing Santiago de Compostela at 1600 & arriving in Sevilla at 0700 Sunday, October 2, 2016

After retrieving my remaining personal items from Atraxia, I hopped in a taxi that took me to the other side of town to the bus station that had southbound routes. I arrived, by the skin of my teeth, to grab a bus to Algeciras, Spain. From there I hopped on another bus to Sotogrande to meet S/V ENJOY

Sunday, October 2, 2016-Friday October 7, 2016

After walking for nearly an hour, I hopped onboard and here I have remained, on the Catamaran. We relocated to Marinas del Mediterraneo, Estepona on Monday for some work in preparation fro the crossing


By Sea

Gibraltar ---->>> Canary Islands ----->>> Atlantic Crossing ---->>> Barbados



After spending 2 weeks on the S/V catamaran ENJOY as they continued to prepare for the trip to the Canary Islands, my gut screamed, "GET OFF THIS BOAT". 

I decided to buy a plane ticket back to the states, rather than sail back & here is why.


November 6, 2016 I left Ft. Lauderdale by train to Saint Petersburg, FL to work with Caravan Stage Company, a gig I found on Workaway. I'm living aboard a 90 ft. Theatrical Tall Ship as a promoter & had only intended on being with them till April. They invited me on tour!

We traveled from St. Petersburg, FL, across the Gulf to the ICW near Pennsacola. Following the riverways & coast to New Orleans, LA. to Beaumont, TX, to Houston, TX. where the Ship, Amara Zee was placed on a cargo carrier and transported thru the Panama Canal to Nanaimo, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. During that time I flew to Vancouver, for a week of prep, then hopped on a bus to Seattle, WA. for Pride & Portland, Oregon to visit friends and get some much needed rest.

Victoria, BC, Gibsons Landing, Vancouver, Victoria, BC


Depart Amara Zee and head off to Vancouver for an epic 5 day roadtrip thru BC, which included visiting the Caravan Farm in Armstrong, Banff, Calgary, Nelson & Okanagan Valley


 October 23 2017- March 5 2018 La Cruz Huanacaxtle, Bahia de Banderas, Mexico 

Why? Because I wanted to be somewhere warm for the winter. Because friends said, "come visit!" Because I had just experienced an epic 9 months aboard a theatre ship sharing space with 19 other folks. Because I wanted to immerse in another culture, be still, quiet and comteplate what devotion meant to me. To see what would be next for me in 2018 and beyond. To give as much time and energy to myself and projects I envision as I have done for others. I learned a lot, was tested and overall am a better human for the experience. I could have done without being bit by a dog my last week, but I still pay homage to the companions I spent the most time with in Mexico- my loyal 4 legged friends.

FLY March 27, 2018 to Vancouver via a overnight layover in Toronto airport. Catch a ferry to Naniamo on the 28th and reunite with the Amara Zee for 2 months!

May 28, 2018 Get to Seattle & continue preparing for Rite of Passage Journeys' Restoring Youth Rites of Passage:

Two-Week Leadership Intensive

July 3,2018 arrive in Green River, UT by train in the early morning light a la flight from Portland, OR to Salt Lake City, Utah

July 3- 28 2018 VISIT MOAB FOR THE 1ST TIME IN 3 YEARS & BUY A CAR! Their name is ZED and you just got past by a toaster.

July 28-August 5 Youth on Fire, Boulder CO. I met Angus ;-)

August 5-6 drive to Portland, OR visit Jen in La Grande, OR & discuss Umatilla Quest,see the Gorge for the 1st time with an amazing soundtrack from Angus & have ice cream with Sarah Jo

August 7 drive to Olympia, have car issues & make it to Bellingham, WA to surprise the Caravan & see Nomadic Tempest

August 9 drive to Bothel, WA & support the Queer Quest

August 18-19 take a bus back to Bellingham, WA. & sail with the Caravan to Seattle, WA

August 20-26 hangout at Gasworks, Seattle with Caravan + support Queer Quest in Bothel, WA.

August 27 drive to Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota with Aidon & Darcy to YPW & All Nations Gathering - September 2. Angus!!

September 3-5 Drive Angus to Nebraska & then onto Kingston, WA. REST.

September 7-8 drive to Port Townsend & catch lines for the Amara Zee, visit Collin, stay with Ollie’s folks and night with Leigh

September 10-24 La Grande, OR Umatilla Quest

September 25 drive to Bend, OR & stay with Anne & Rob & meet _______.?

September 26-27 Umqua Hot Springs

September 27-30 Wolf Creek radical Faeries Sanctuary near Grants Pass OR,

September 30-Oct 2 Long way down to Lost Coast to Berkley, CA. & stay with Ruby & Rabbi Edi

October 2-25 in the Bay with the Bae…future home in El Cerrito, CA.

Oct. 25 - 28 roadtrip with Angus to Escalante UT on extraterrestrial hwy (horse, jackrabbit, aliens) for Josie & Michael’s Union

October 28-29 MOAB WITH ANGUS

October 29-31 drive from Moab, UT to Atlanta, GA (stop and visit Rob’s grave)


November 5 drive to Tamarac, Fl. visit till December 26 working at Aquazul as a Beach Attendant

December 26 make my way to the Bay

January 1 2019 Drop <3 Anchor in El Cerrito, CA to Initiate the heart in relationship to another - The Adventure of a Lifetime

Feb 13 - June 26 Production Manager for Eye Zen Present’s OUT of Site SOMA Queer Ancestral, site specific, street theatre, walking tour

July 5 - Aug. 15 Boulder, CO for SomaSource Summer Institute with Golden Bridge & Melissa Michaels

Aug. 21 - 26 Honey Half Moon Trip to Vancouver, BC up the coast of OR. & back thru Winthrop, WA. Portland, OR, Radical Fae Sanctuary.

Aug. 27-Autumn Equinox Sept. 23, 2019 Here & Now manifesting the next thing….in Balance