I'll gladly come back to Portugal in 3 years to serve up some espressos & sandwiches to the boom boom of 24/7 trance music. 

Check out our scene here at Grindhouse Coffee Cabaret

After 3 months of photo documenting the journey across the Atlantic, I decided to put the camera down for the BOOM Festival. My photos wouldn't do the visual wonderment justice anyway. Have a look at their page to catch a glimpse at what it was about:https://www.facebook.com/boomfestivalofficialpage/photos 
My photos were mostly after 30K people & 150 different countries represented had pretty much left.
Within my first 24 hours at BOOM I decided to inquire about a job at Grindhouse Coffee Cabaret- great people, super fun & lots of hardwork! So good to be back on an espresso machine again (& working with others in service) <3