From Sevilla to Algecira Spain to Tangier, Morocco. The city's name is said to come from Tingis, the daughter of Atlas, the mythical supporter of the Heavens.
Wow Morocco & Shukrun -(Thank you) to Mohammed, my driver, Majid, my guide & the wonderful experience of mint tea with Kahil & Mustafa whilst they unrolled beautiful Berber rugs for me to admire.
As-salaam Alaykum —– (literally) Peace be with you – interchangeable for “hello”
I will be back.
Hearing the call to prayer-live, stopped me dead in my tracks. A prayer come true to be in the presence of that.
NOTE: many photos were taken by me walking with the camera down at my side, hoping for some good street shots. The remainder were taken only when my Guide said it was ok & we were given permission.
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