I received this email from a site last week that I have been following for a number of years and I was curious to participate. Here is what they wrote:

We believe that queer people have more to offer the world than what we are not. We believe that queer and trans people have voices that matter; we have insights into theology and faith that deepen the conversation not just for other queer people but for non-queer people as well.

We believe that queer theology is about so much more than the clobber passages; about convincing people that we are worthy of love and of a place in religious community. We believe that the conversation around queer and trans experience needs to be led by queer and trans people.

Which is why every year for the past 7 years, we’ve hosted a synchroblog (yup, we started before QueerTheology.com was even a twinkle in our eye). Now it’s time for the 2018 edition. 

Here’s how it works:

On FEBRUARY 7, we ask everyone in the community to post something around a particular theme—this year's theme is "Queer Calling." You can write an essay or a poem, make a video, record a song; anything you can dream up! Just post it on the the 7th, go to queertheology.com/synchroblog-2018, submit a link to your offering, and we'll add you to the roundup.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
Fr. Shay & Brian



Here’s a prompt to get you thinking: “What does your queerness or transness call you to do and be in the world?” Much like encountering Christ can be cause for “returning a different way” so too can being queer. How has your queerness affecTED how you go through life, how you navigate your faith, and what you are called to do and be?



I thought this would be the opportunity to put together a playlist. You see the dancefloor is Church to me. It has been my refuge & sanctuary.  It has been where I felt like I belonged to something greater. The rhythm, the beats. the lyrics inspire me & uplift me in times of trouble & celebration.

 A big memory of myself as a youth growing up was me, in my room, walkman on, listening to music. This was my time that I enjoyed and it was also a time when I escaped- a coping skill when things got messy- for better or for worse. I don’t remember dreams much, but I do remember I used to dream in musicals sometimes. Folks expressing themselves; breaking out into song and dance to solve a problem, to declare their love. I watched old musicals with my Grandma.  I was raised on MTV.  I came of age on the dancefloor- a space in the 80's & 90's where my community felt safe to freely express their authentic self, to love and mix sweat with tears of those we have lost. I have evolved from making a mixtape for a friend; decorating the cassette to creating journeys through spotify for a larger listening.  These impressions created in a young person, impactful after all these years, provide some information that I’m listening to intently and curious how this can be incorporated into meaningful work for social justice & my devotion to uplifting marginalized & oppressed voices, as well as, provide a tether to youth through the sounds that move them- The movement is the rhythm in us. Seeking creative ways to keep the faith- sounds like a whole lot of fun & a life lived thru a Queer Calling.



I've included three playlists. 1.0 (roughly an hour long taster), 2.5 (a 2 1/2 hour long journey) & the unabridged version with ALL the songs that came to me as I developed this project. Enjoy & be moved.

Dancing Bodhisattva in service to humans rising up & gettin' down. -J.O Jett


Please also enjoy images that I have collected over the years.