Why do you want to be a 305 DJ?

Combination bucket list & no cost to me training offered to master my craft are why I want to be a 305 DJ. A fun-loving, music lover (see story in cover letter) excited about life and new adventures that challenge, stretch my comfort zone & amplify creativity and joy in my life and those I work & play with. I had whales breach off the coast of Hawaii a few years ago when I made the commitment to myself to learn how to beat-match. Seriously.

In other roles I have served in my life I inevitably take on an integral role to my student's, clients ++ experience. To apply that to music, with mixing & various techniques as an art form I am committed to learning regardless of being hired as a (((305))) DJ, sounds like a fantastic way to begin 2019.

I have the self awareness to know that what has held me back in this pursuit to its fullest is the fear of “train-wrecking” & knowing that mistakes can & will happen, but with practice I believe I'd understand how to adjust, laugh/shake it off & keep the room moving. Some performance anxiety pops up; reason why I was a radio DJ for a number of years and an investment I am ready to make in myself. The challenges, known and unknown, I would face in this environment are ready for transformation. Done with some limiting ideas of what I can and cannot do.

I believe ((305)) would benefit with me joining you and I would add a + vibe, a different representation and a hard-working caring attitude. It'd be FUN to be a part of the environment you are creating- I hope.

My “library” of music dates back to the 80's- I was there.

I'm more house music leaning these days (has to do with sustaining energy in my older years to last on the dance floor all night.) But, love me some pop, hip hop, trap & dub too, to name a few.

I go weak in the knees for electronic music fused with marching bands.

I LOVE early morning (sober) dance parties.

Have experience in somatic, movement therapy & the 5 rhythms body of work &

I have a flexible schedule & am available to begin immediately.

Being a DJ & a Dog Walker #LifeGoal

I appreciate the thoughtfulness of stating, “We are highly supportive of artists and traveling schedules.” That the hours are consistent & P/T compliment the other things I am up to in life.

J.O Jett Cazeaux

Mentor // Organizer // Facilitator

Pronouns: they, them, theirs

Creator Queer Odyssey

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Stewardship Council & Ambassador Youth Passageways

Board Member 2016-2018 OUT There Adventures


3115 Yosemite Ave. El Cerrito, CA.


Greetings & Happy Holidays,

I'm writing to throw my hat in for consideration to be a ((305)) DJ. First things first. I have never Djed like this before. With that said, a bucket list dream of mine is to learn the art of beat-matching and developing my craft as a DJ.

I have had the courage to sail across the Atlantic with 6 strangers. I DID that, with only 3 days prior experience. I can only laugh at myself that I have continued to put other tasks, jobs and people ahead of making space to fulfill this dream. Ridiculous. I just need take a leap of faith!

There feels, to me, some performance anxiety. I've been a part of a theatre company the past couple years exploring this edge for me. I'm hoping to get into (sacred/trickster) clowning this year as another way to investigate this sweaty palm feeling I get with being seen. I've been a radio DJ twice, once in college & once on our small town volunteer community radio station. I LOVED it even though I was nervous, I became more comfortable over time. Playing music was so much fun and being behind the mike took the pressure off, I could hide, or more like, I couldn't see their faces if I messed up. Reminds me of the artist Sia, who chose not to show her face any longer when performing. It gives me perspective of the multitude of ways you can be creative, OUT and still feel safe in publicly expressing yourself & truly showing up for yourself and others. It's really all a very exciting time for me and I hope being a ((305)) DJ can be a part of this new chapter in the Bay Area.

I'll add that I've put together playlists, upon requests from friends, because they love my music, and I have played from that at parties- the one “in charge” of the music for the night. I've borrowed my buddy's sound system and played from a playlist at a Colorado River Beach Party for my friend's birthday- AMAZING FUN & the Moab Roller Derby asked me & a friend to be the DJ at their 90's Dance Party Fundraiser. At an indoor venue. It's all there. It's time to LEVEL UP. It's that thing that taps me on the shoulder saying, “pssst...dude you haven't done THAT yet!- c'mon!!”

I've looked at and tried a few different programs, but haven't had the opportunity to practice and I have a REAL fear of train wrecking when beat matching- It is the thing that drives me nuts when I am in a flow on the dance-floor. All that's left are excuses for why I haven't pursued this. A nomad at heart (I've been traveling for almost 4 years), I recently traveled to the Bay Area to spend the month of October there to sense if it is a place I wanted to drop anchor. It is. Finding myself falling in love with a total performer, actor, extroverted, drama therapist at this time is a big HELLO that I am calling in healing around whatever this is that stops me from pursuing something that I know brings me pleasure (dancing, making playlists, discovering music) and wanting to share with others. Knowing how to DJ (& Fusion Partner Dancing) would add to the skills I desire to round out my offerings as a Rite of Passage Guide & Level Up in my devotion to being a “Dancin' Bodhisatva in Service to Humans Risin' Up & Gettin' Down”.

This opportunity feels like a great compliment to my work as a Freelancing Guide doing deep, transformative work with folks, mostly out in nature. I LOVE flexibility of schedule & being able to get paid to play dance music with fun people in a healthy environment sounds amazing!

Read how a DJ Saved my Life, written in February of this year ++ view my 15 sec. Dance video.

Confessional: I realized I have never recorded myself dancing & this was a wild experiment for me (I dance by myself all the time!). One I will continue to practice. There appears to be something hugely beneficial to me in doing so (as scary & weird as it feels to do). I didn't follow the instructions exactly with the video. I did manage to state my name at the beginning. This is a highlight reel of a full dance I recorded. I have no turntables to get behind, although I did consider pretending or making something that resembled turntables to play behind- next level courage. Instead, I offer some of my classic moves. Classic because I was simply moving my body to the music and this is what came thru.

I'm REALLY hoping Santa brings me a sweet new pair of headphones.

Discovering the magic of headphone splitters to “silent rave” with my favorite dance partner., Angus ;-) is the BEST.THING.EVER.

Thank you for your consideration & take care. Please don't hesitate to email or call me for further questions or to clarify anything found on my resume. I'm happy to provide references (personal & professional) upon request. I'll be driving cross country between Christmas and New Years to the Bay Area from Florida.


305 Fitness DJ Jett Playlist

PS I have a couple different resumes, depending on the work. I can supply a General CV, and have chosen to send the one that highlights my Guiding & commitment to working with youth experiences. Creating a whole new one for this position would just postpone getting you the information & I don't want to delay any longer.